Can Truck Drivers Carry Guns? 


    Truckers in the process of work have to face various difficulties. Nowadays, most of them can be solved with the help of the best apps for truckers. But in addition to high-risk situations on the road, truck drivers may be exposed to danger even when they are not behind the wheel. Because of this, many of them choose to carry firearms in their vehicles for their own protection. Drivers working on OTR and regional routes drive in a variety of places, and often those places are not reputable. Add to that the lack of accessible and secure parking lots across the country, and you can see why many truckers carry guns. 

    But while it is important to protect yourself, it is also very important for drivers to know the laws regarding carrying firearms on the road. This is especially important for those drivers who are crossing state lines, as these laws can vary greatly from state to state. Below we have some brief helpful information that truckers need to know about carrying firearms.

    Can Truck Drivers Carry Firearms?

    Truckers have the right to carry firearms, but they must be unloaded and stored under lock and key out of the reach of the driver and passengers. Ammunition must be stored separately. Thus, keeping firearms in the glove box is not allowed because they are accessible from the driver’s seat. Therefore, it is best to keep it in a locked drawer. 

    Can Truck Drivers Get a Concealed Carry Permit?

    Some drivers are fine with the above precautions, but there are also those who see no point in storing guns in this way. The likelihood that you will have time to unlock the lock, open the box, take out the gun and load it in a situation where it is needed is negligible. That’s why many truckers choose to obtain a concealed-carry firearms permit.  

    Having such a permit allows truckers to carry a firearm while in the cab of their vehicle. Any state can issue you a concealed carry permit, but different states have different requirements for obtaining one. You should familiarize yourself with these requirements before attempting to obtain a concealed carry permit. Also, there is a list of states known as “issuance states.” This means that you can fully meet all of the requirements for a concealed carry permit, but still get denied because the state operates on a case-by-case basis. 

    Can Truck Drivers Carry Guns While Crossing State Borders?

    Even after a concealed carry permit is obtained, drivers need to be well aware of the laws and regulations related to carrying, the most important of which is carrying across state lines. A bill has now been introduced in the House of Representatives that would make a concealed carry permit obtained in one state valid in all other states. It’s called reciprocity. But this bill must first go through the House of Representatives, and it will be considered by the Senate and possibly passed there.

    The prospects for this bill are very dim. A similar bill was already introduced in 2017. It passed the House then, but the Senate did not consider it. Therefore, at this point, it is unknown if and when this bill will be passed. So until the bill goes into effect, truckers should take a good look at each state’s concealed-carry firearms laws.  

    What About Carrier Rules and Regulations?

    Also, truck drivers should be aware that even if they already have a legal permit to carry a firearm in their vehicle, it can be banned by your trucking company. This is not a problem for owner-operators, but hired drivers should clearly know all of their company’s rules and guidelines about carrying firearms before putting them in their truck. Many trucking companies also ban the transportation of firearms in their trucks, but HMD Trucking does not.

    Although carrying a firearm is an effective measure that many drivers choose to ensure their own safety on the road, it should not be the only one. Truckers should also take precautions to park only at safe and legal stops, and plan their routes in advance to avoid parking in dangerous places. 

    As well, remember that firearms are not the only way to protect you. Some drivers prefer to carry tasers which is allowed in 45 states. Tire irons and baseball bats are also a popular self-defense weapon for many truckers.


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